This comes up all the time at work and home for me. Someone needs to send big files too large to email,  or a printer / webhost has given them an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) login that they have no idea what to do with. Many mail servers reject messages over 5 or 10 megabytes so it’s fairly commonplace to have to find a way around that limitation. The best way to send files is using the program Filezilla for FTP (and SFTP, a more secure file transfer protocol required by some sites). But in some offices you won’t be able to get FileZilla installed by the IT department. And in some places the firewall will block FTP.

To make it worse, FTP doesn’t work for uploading in IE or Windows Explorer 75% of the time, and Firefox doesn’t even support uploading (though you can add it to Firefox with FireFTP ). If you can’t get Filezilla working here are some places that are web-based and extremely easy to use to send files. They usuallly have no problem with firewalls.

If you need to send images or videos, Photobucket or Flickr are popular, you could even use Facebook if it’s small photos.

For big files Yousendit and Megaupload are good. There is a giant list here: File Hosting Services

One thing – if you’re sending really big files or vast numbers of files, FTP or SFTP is the only choice so it’s best to get on youtube and search for  “FileZilla Tutorial

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