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July 22, 2009

My new career seems to be pointed toward Blog Pimping.  Why, you might ask?  Okay, pretend you did.

It is of no consequence to slave away churning out the regular blather that is a blog.  With no readers your blog is… meh.

So how to get them?

Well first, get past the usual blather and actually come up with something catchy and interesting.  Don’t afraid to be controversial, if they love you or hate you – no matter as long as they talk about you.  People have limited time and attention.  If it has no hook, it gets no look.

Tell people about it.  Forward links via eBlasts.  Share links on social networking sites – the usual suspects Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, plurk, MySpace, plaxo, MSN Spaces, Digg, StumbleUpon, YouTube
and so on.  Flickr “behind the photo” blog entries can be good.  Be a slut.  Give it to everyone.

Get other people to pimp out your blog for you – this is the genius behind stumbleupon – get someone to thumbs up and recommend your post.  It does wonders because you get cred.  Get people to comment and forward links to your blog on to others.

Ask for guest posts. Ideally you want someone who has more traffic than yourself. But experts in an area you write about are great.

Include links to higher traffic sites in your blog.  Troll other blogs that are more popular and provide comments that link back to your blog.  Or be one of the first few trackbacks.

How do you find these?  Google using the Google blog search (it is in the drop down “more” on the Google search page).

In fact, if you are thinking of doing a blog on a subject, find out who has done something like yours before you even write so you can respond or take a different slant to it.

In theory you should be able to generate a good list of feeds in your expertise area, if your blog is to feed you expect to be watching for new posts all the time. Some higher profile industry specific aggregators can be good to get stories to cover.

Sometimes all you have is the title. Taking the opposite point of view gets traffic – if you’re the first to do it and you actually wrote something thoughtful. Title linkbait rules apply just like in everyday SEO. People will usually forgive a little title trickery if the articles are well written and on topic.

Keep pumping out the material.  An occasional “flash of adequacy” is not enough.  Keep flashing.  Not everything will be brilliant, but keep trying.  There is no sense pimping if you are not pumping.

Now if the blog is just to help your site’s SERPs, the adequacy may be adequate. A load of text somehow relevant will help, no matter how badly written.

Make sure your RSS feed works so readers will know when you are having that stroke of genius.  And create the tags people will be looking for including using them in the title of your post.  Getting in other people’s blogroll – can be a huge boost of interested readers.

Now, should I give up the day job and become a full fledged Blog Pimper?

Probably not.  Unless you are a Hilton (either one), Adrianna Huffington or Rob Scoble — keep the day job.

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