Just like other media, there are many many choices on the Internet, many media buyers throw their hands up in the air , saying its too fragmented. But there is an opportunity – in that fragmentation it’s often very easy to find highly specialized sites and user groups that contain a very specific target, who are avid users and very interested in your products and services. On top of that the less-avid users or potential users are going to end up reading the reviews, comments , complaints and stories of these customers.

When they do a search before buying something the trusted reviewers pages are going to come up first (usually).

Sometimes it’s as easy as using the user and geographic targeting tools sites like Google and Facebook have, with their large userbase it’s fairly easy to get to your audience with the tools they provide you.

In more niche categories you’ll want to find out where the customers are congregating online. Usually a couple hours of legwork will give you a good idea of where people interested in a topic visit frequently, and you end up with a good shortlist of sites to buy ads on or participate on.

Pretend to be a user looking to buy or research your product, see where searches get you.

It comes down to – advertise where the customers are. Sure fine-tune it and try to get it exact as you can on demographics but really all that matters is finding what site(s) your customers are visiting.

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