Sometimes we can get overly concerned with the SEO side of things and forget that the most important person visiting a website isn’t Googlebot – it’s the human you developed the site for.

Once in a while you may catch yourself disregarding all other factors while designing and structuring a website just to improve search rank. SEO tunnel-vision creeps in and you forget that the user experience is more important. If you cover basic indexability and content volume, you really can ignore quite a bit of SEO.

Yes there are times when you should be putting SEO forefront, say when actually doing SERP checks and adjusting content. If you’re targetting specific SERP competitors sure your landing pages are not intended for users but if you keep them in mind you’ll lower the bounce rate on those pages and get better logn term traction as opposed to a short term SERP fix.

The best site is the one that serves the needs of its users. Yes you need to follow the basic rules of SEO but they shouldn’t be #1 on your todo list. The basic best practices of SEO should be followed but they should be in the back of mind.

If every user coming from a search leaves your site immediately because you haven’t designed it with them in mind, you’re not going to have much success.  Remember to engage the user, keep the site refreshed for user and bot alike.

Also while unlikely, remember it is possible for a site with no pages in the SERPs to be a success! if your site is useful some good old word of mouth to the right forums and groups can get you more than enough traffic to have success.

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