Our advertising agency will be the first agency in the world with a drive through window.

Our office is in an old Victoria house with a door to the lane way running next to us, so we may also be one of the very few who can actually offer this.

Retrofitting the door will be easy, an order microphone and headsetted cashier might be harder.

Why would we do it? More than thirty per cent of fast food sales go out through the drive through window. We were wondering if we can achieve a 30 percent growth by adding this feature.

Imagine all you clients, “Business building communications ideas direct to you, in the comfort of your own car.” On your way from one meeting to another… stop by for a quick injection of creative input with a side order of media plans.

How can we offer this? Well it seems from many clients’ perspective, advertising agencies these days are only about execution. Back in the days of the Mad Men, agencies were marketing counsellors to client strategy for marketing. No more. The agency is rarely at the grown-up’s table when feeding time rolls around. Strictly kids table. Strictly execution.Drive Througha

Agencies are paid to come up with pretty pictures and nice, catchy lines but less likely business building ideas.

That’s why we have always called our company Advertising and Marketing Counsel. We are literally, not an advertising agency.

While we still want to be thoughtful counsellors for our clients, we recognize that many times there is no lead time and clients just want us to sling some ideas against the wall and see if they stick… or slide down the wall. For those occasions, there is the drive through window.

And our ideas are prepared to your taste, from wacky to insightful to (in our best Spock voice) totally logical. You choose. Add more hot sauce if you like. They are available in traditional formats like print, radio or television as well as digitally. We offer tweets, sweets, stunts and grunts.

We are really good at coming up with ideas quickly and making sure they are relevant and compelling. But we do not offer fries with our work.

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