I get very upset at the way police are portrayed on television.  They are shown as bullies, extortionists, blackmailers who jump to guilty conclusions with little or no basis and who take law into their own hands.

A couple of the shows are really bad.  The cops on Law & Order SVU are always telling suspect’s family, friends and neighbours about suspected infidelities or sexual activities to try and get information.

While these threats occur in the early half of the shows, more often they are wrong.  You can tell because the accusations start early in the show to kick start the plot and get viewers thinking/suspecting sexual indiscretions.

I just saw a Miami CSI episode where the “scientist detective” jumped to all sorts of wrong conclusions, wrongfully accused an innocent fiancée of murder.  Same episode, another of the CSIs extorted a search without permission by threatening to interview a farm’s workers for immigration status and turn in all the illegals.  And finally Mr. Sunglasses duped a suspect into dismissing his lawyer so Mr. S. could entrap the suspect.  All in a day’s work.

This is the same show that sent some of their cops off to Brazil to actually murder some bad guys.  So much for respect for the law and its principles, if it is inconvenient.

Is this representative of a society that will toss off its values of openness and personal rights with the merest whisper of a treat from some terrorist?  A society that will review and analyse personal correspondence of citizens while proclaiming they are doing it in the cause of freedom?  Or who imprisons and tortures in the name of respecting the individual?

Probably, if your government is misbehaving, you can misbehave in your TV dramas as well.

At the same time these CSI geniuses can get DNA analyses done in minutes, do spectral analysis of fibres and locate soil samples in a massive city in moments – for dramatic effect, of course, to move the plot along and to achieve climax/resolution within the one hour time slot.

The funny thing about distorting reality is that people believe what they see.  Even if they know it is “just a show.”  The behaviour patterns become accepted and expected.  And viewers have a hard time separating the TV entertainment from reality because they have seen the TV with their own eyes.

Humans are funny about that.  If they think they have seen it, it must be true.

It should be noted how the side stories on TV cop dramas are consistently dumping on the Federal agents and making heroes of the local cops.  The Feds are often bumbling, arrogant bad guys.

Film and television reflect expectations of life.  They are real.

Without all the cheats, the TV cop shows would be bland as butter right out of the churn.  Of course the cheats allow the churning of show stories.

We would never stoop to such cheats on this blog,  I was mentioning that fact the other day to my nine foot tall, blue Na’vi buddy…

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