The God of Small Mercies

February 26, 2010

The Greeks, Romans, Hindus and many others had pantheons of gods and goddesses.  But no one had a God of Small Mercies.  We need one.

There are saints, prophets, mahapurushs, walis, and other folks of slightly lesser rank than gods. These guys and gals usually get an area of responsibility – traveling, lovers, education, farmers, miners, sailors and such.

But Small Mercies is definitely a large Department that requires a full God.

Think of all the times you ended up stuck behind that slow poke in the passing lane who finally pulls over.  Give thanks.

Or the times when things didn’t work until you tweaked the wire then all of a sudden it does.  Give thanks.

Or the time you left the appliance on and your wife called to tell you she turned it off.  Give thanks.

Or, wonder-of-wonders, after the “this call may be recorded” message, someone actually answers the phone and can help you.  And does!  Give double thanks.

While the quantity of requests is overwhelming for the Department of Small Mercies, the amount of influence required for each is small.  Such a little bend in the cosmos requires a subtle touch.

I think everyone should get an allocation of chits to spend on small mercies.

Small mercies are the things that can really make your life work better and have significant impact on your frame of mind.  A few little things go your way and you are feeling positive about your whole day.

Small mercies are the answers to the invocation: “Cut me a break!”  The connecting flight that happens to be late departing when yours arrives late.  The client who calls to say she can’t make it for lunch when your friend unexpectantly comes to town.

The girl who smiles at you in the elevator.  The person who helps you with a cumbersome package.  Random acts of small kindness that make your day.

The best small mercies are those unintentional acts of kindness.  Give thanks.

The big things we address because they are usually things we have some input on.  The little difficulties are like fleas that bite, that hide, that torment.

I am all for small mercies, just getting something nice for no good reason.  And the God of Small Mercies told me to start with this nice thought.  Pass it on.

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