We have been telling consumers to loose weight for six or seven years now.  We even helped Subway’s Jared start a Foundation to help kids break free from obesity.

Jared Shows His XXXXXL Pants to Mayor Sam Katz of Winnipeg

But no more.

We are now totally in favour of obesity

As the suffering economy plays its way out, it is relying on flabby consumers to pay extra for all kinds of things.  XXL, XXXL and XXXXL clothes now cost more; super sizing at the fast feeders costs more; gas to haul fat asses around costs more.

Fat people are helping the economy struggle its way out of its moribund state.  They are doing more than their fair share of contributing to the consumer economy.  Why?  Because they consume more.

Even expensive weight loss products and fad diet doctors siphon big money from fat folks.

If the entire economy reduced its weight by 10% to 15% there would be a corresponding reduction in consumption.  Will the economy stand it?  Economies live and die on 2% to 5% variations.  With more than 50% of the population obese, the reduction in food consumption alone would be a painful suppository for the GNP.

We have already seen a decline in the sales of SUVs that are needed to carry larger cargo people.  Oh sure, they are typified as gas guzzlers, but with a 300 pound driver, they guzzle more gas than any manufacturer’s expected mileage figures would forecast.

And these same fat folks have more groceries to cart home from the store.  Adding more dinero to the economy.

And fat people are doing their bit for the environment by eating a lot of flatulent cattle in large quantities.  You don’t see chubby tofu eaters out there munching large quantities of quinoa and goji berries, do you?

True the beer drinkers replace the missing farty cattle with their own supply of SOx and NOx fumes.  But surely the quantity is less than from the cattle.

And now the US has medicare, think of all the additional expenses the fatties are going to bring to the economy to help doctors and pharmaceutical companies maintain their country club memberships.  All that heart disease, diabetes, joint failure.  These are conditions that require on-going costs and contributions to the economy.

So let’s hear one for the fatsos.  They will help the skinny skin flints return to prosperity and become the biggest winners.

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