I have cable television, like most people.  I get to choose from hundreds of channels with nothing to watch.

Can’t my cable provider be as smart as Amazon or Google now that we live in a world of individual targeting.

When I turn my television on, Mr. Cable Provider, give me a little help trying to find something.

Amazon does a fantastic job of suggestive selling based on what I have purchased in the past.  Cable can do the same using some king of viewer’s cookie.

“Hi Barry!” it would say, as if it were happy to have me viewing its drivel.  “I notice that you liked some of the cheesier crime shows.  Here is a line-up of eight different CSI, Law and Order and NCIS shows to choose from tonight.”

“Oh, and by the way, you might think of adding the ‘Murder and Destruction Channel’ to your cable package.  It is only $4.95 more each month and it will bring you such additional choices as ‘Perv Perps’ a fun romp through the most deviant crimes of the past century!”

Look at that… a suggestive sell.  Why?  Because my viewing is important to them.

Google uses the same approach to placement of ads on websites.  They make sure that ads that might appeal to you are on the websites that you are visiting.

We use this kind of propensity for interest approach when buying television shows.  We look for product or category usage more and more and less to demography to target the best shows to buy for clients.

It would be very interesting to be able to use some kind of similar programming to target  ads to the viewers if cable operators could capture viewer’s cookies.

But the problem will be that the cable operators and the broadcasters are not in harmony.  Broadcasters cannot track viewers because they do not interface with them.  Cable operators do.  Cable operators who replace broadcasters’ commercials are in for a load of legal problems.

But the cable operator with a smart landing page that appears when I turn on my set, could easily place targeted ads on that page.  And create a new revenue source while actually helping their poor customers gain some value in the process.

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