When the riots hit Toronto over the weekend, as part of the world performance for the G20 meetings, we had a chance to show the world what we are about.

But we didn’t.

We retaliated to the rioters with the usual technique of riot police and all their latest tactical toys.

As a result windows were bashed, people hurt, police cars burned.

Didn’t we learn anything from the Olympics?

We could have easily stopped the riots with a decisive act that not only promoted the diversity and natural heritage of Canada but made the imported anarchists quiver in their disposable black costumes.

Clearly the anarchists who descended on Toronto understand the value of theatre.

We needed to fight fire with fire, not allow fire to start.

Theatre can trump theatre every time, by going big.

Giant Beavers vs. Anarchists -- who would win?

We needed the Giant Inflatable Beavers from the Olympic closing ceremonies.  They are not being used right now, the Olympics being over.  In fact, they are up for sale.

We could muster a march of all the folks getting ready for Price Day on the July 4th weekend.

Tell them this was a rehearsal for their parade.  Get them to carry the Giant Inflatable Beavers right down Yonge Street to disrupt the crowds.  Let the party begin.

Who would want to fight and break windows and stomp on police cars when faced with Giant Inflatable Beavers and a mass of people looking to party?

And think of the world wide publicity.

We love our beavers not our fighters!

It would be a statement worth way more than a thousand artificial lakes.  And much less expensive to execute.

Plus, it has the elements of embracing the critters in the environment while reusing existing taxpayer paid for materials.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  Better “r’s” to invoke than Riot.

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