Calexis is now updating our declaration as the first and only Drive Thru Advertising Agency.  We are now offering some weekly specials.

Fast service, yeah we got it.

Special offers, those too.

And you don’t even need a coupon.

Headlines, 30 minutes or they are free.

Seven-words-or-less specials.  We will give a discount for eight words or more.  Why?  Because they don’t work as well and they are a lot easier to develop.

Buy a campaign and get a free complementary side order of a mini-website.

Extra words in your commercial, no problem.  We are offering legal supers OAC (some assembly required, batteries not included, product may not be exactly as represented).

Want a side of station liners, maybe some 10 second tags?  How about a quick little web banner.

No probs!  We will just raid the closet and pull a few out.

Ask about our combos!

For well thought out advertising solutions, we suggest that you phone ahead with a full brief.  A nice carefully created campaign, hmmmm.

But if that’s not your bag and results are not your goal, just pull up to the window!

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