The World Cup in South Africa has been an exciting event, particularly for those of us who otherwise don’t see a lot of soccer played.  The downside has been the sketchy refereeing made the worse by the constant diving of so called elite players.

Someone is barely touched, perhaps an elbow is brushed and they writhe around on the ground in utter faked agony attempting to get a penalty called.

While there have been a couple cards given for “diving,” it is clear from many replays that on many instances players rolling in agony on the ground were  not really fouled.  And the subsequent performance by the “fouled” player confirms this.  Fouls in soccer are like female orgasm, not as common as reported.

Perhaps commentators should use the scoring system that the Olympics use for their diving competition.  The graphic shows how we would see it reported.  Team information has been obscured to protect the French.

Ouch, I got a Booboo!

Clearly the referees need help as there is so much bad acting.

The referees have also missed a couple clear goals.  Why don’t they use a goal judge like they do in hockey?  Or allow teams a couple replay opportunities like US football.

Despite the flopping, there was a lot of solid marketing and many companies positively associated themselves with the month long festival.

The problem with an event this large is that the participation is limited to the very large enterprises.  What local businesses can be involved in a spectacle of this magnitude?

On the plus side of this terrific event, and it has been terrific, is the ability to watch all the games through streaming technology.  There is a place for sitting in the basement watching the games on the big screen TV, but I personally have enjoyed watching HD versions of games on my laptop in both Canada and the US.

Interesting to me, the Canadian feeds are not accessible in the US and the US feeds are not accessible in Canada.  So the national alignments mean something on the ground and on the field.

But it does show the progress of streaming and how people now expect to be able to watch live video of events via the internet as they happen.  The Vancouver Olympics offered this, but now it is everywhere.

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