Now the well has been capped and the oil is washing on shore, let loose the hounds of the law and greed!  It hasn’t been announced yet, but you can see it coming.

The US has two big problems: the economy is still sputtering and there is a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

One will help solve the other.

Obama is saying “We will hold BP accountable.” when talking about the oil leak.

And the clips of BP say “We will make good on the damages.”  They have even appointed a point person for damage control.  A good advertising move.

Now the oil has ceased flowing.

Here is the scenario that will unfold: the US will strip cash and assets out of BP and use them to boost the economy if the Gulf area.

The Gulf is an area that has some of the po’est folks in the country.  It is already made worse by the poor overall US economy.  As the rest of the country hunkers down and avoids spending money on vacations, meaning fewer trips to the Gulf of Mexico this year, the Gulf area was going to suffer further.

Plus New Orleans is still digging its way out of Katrina floods.

Enter the salvation: BP.  A company with billions of dollars of cash and assets on their books.

It is not enough that BP clean up after itself.  The company will be held accountable for “lost income” and that might be a bottomless pit adding up to half a trillion or so.

What a brilliant recovery program!  – an infusion of capitalism used as socialism.

Plus it puts pounds and euros into supporting the US dollar.  All this at no cost to the US taxpayer.

What about accusations of trading off the environment for money?  Of course, it is happening everyday.  Infusion of oil; infusion of cash.

The Obama White House can also leverage the spill to put in place the kind of regulation that the free wheeling administrations before them have let slide, leaving the population vulnerable.

With a little spin, this same approach can really be used on the Wall Street Highwaymen.  Something with more bite against greed than the current laws have.

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