For a lot of retailers their approach to advertising and marketing is very chancy.   Many retailers are playing a carnival game of chance when they commit their budgets to stations and publications without insider knowledge about what is a good marketing and media strategy.

Okay, so you may not have ever played Pitch-Til-U-Win from our earlier blog.

But, if you’ve ever played the game of BINGO you have to know what an utterly out-of-your-hands chance you have of yelling BINGO!

Look at it this way.  In BINGO there’s cage with a swarm of 75 Ping Pong balls all trying to land in the chute but only one can do so at a time. Think about the odds of winning.  You need to have five balls match a line on your BINGO card.   There are about 5.52 x 1026, (exactly 155 × 145 × 135 × 125 × 114, or 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000) possible arrangements of the numbers on a bingo card.

And those are the odds retailers face when they are under informed and inexperienced in creating an effective marketing campaign.  Dabbing away at the Bingo plan in a game of Carney Marketing.

That swarm of BINGO balls represents the variables that influence the results of your campaign.  Ten of them could be your target audience, each of the ten a different demographic (i.e., males, females, older, younger, rich, poor, motorists, managers, mothers, professionals etc.).  If you believe your target is professional male motorists and you don’t know what radio station reaches that target best, then you are just hoping the correct bingo ball lands in the chute.  You’re leaving your campaign purely up to chance.

Another couple of the swarming BINGO balls might be your media selection.  Do you want radio, newspaper, billboards, social media, direct mailings?  You are not really sure so again, you leave it up to chance and maybe chose newspapers.

But, your budget won’t afford the paper that reaches your target so you chose the cheaper alternative and just miss the boat.

The scary thought is that you might conclude after playing a couple games of BINGO marketing that it is all chance and no one can win — advertising doesn’t work.

While the process of creating a media/marketing campaign is something of a BINGO game, the right answers are all there swarming around in the air.  If you aren’t a marketing professional then you are playing with astronomical odds in hopes that your choices will drop into the chute.  Leave BINGO to the grannies!

When a retailer realizes that he can’t control the swarm he needs to learn how to control the chute by only letting in the winning BINGO balls.

Advertising and marketing professionals know the secrets of chute control.  With their help, your BINGO card starts with a few squares already covered and your odds of winning go way up.

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