The sun did not shine
It was too wet to play
So we sat in the house
All that cold, wet N’orleans day

Then the hurricane came
The hurricane hit
We poured some red wine
Because we felt like shit

The water kept coming
It broke the dike sides
Our house washed away
With the changing of tides

But we did not care
Our wine did the job
As our house floated off
With a dip and a bob

Into the Gulf
We floated with glee
Bobbing and drifting
Out into the sea

We tossed in a fish line
From the window to look
What marvellous fishes
There would be on the hook

We caught nothing much
But all kinds of leaked oil
Which we put in a pot
And proceeded to boil

The aroma was frightful
The smell filled the air
Then the vapour exploded
Singeing my hair

Something went BUMP
And that Bump made us jump
We turned and we saw him
Step in from the back
We looked and we saw him
A cat called Barack.

“I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny
But you sitting there
Just looks pretty funny.

I know a good game
We could play,” said the cat named Barack
“Let’s beat up BP
In a counter attack!

They have lots of dough
We could spend on ourselves
Why we’d treat BP as if
They were just Santa’s elves.

I’ll call it a Stimulus
For all of the coast
Why you’ve singed your hair
And your face looks like toast.

We’ll all play the media”
Said the cat named Barack
“They love to report
On disasters with shacks.

Our stimulus bucks
Will get you on track
We’ll buy you an outboard, here
To help you get back.”

With the flash of his teeth
And the wink of an eye
He was gone in his chopper
Wow, that man can fly

So we putted back to shore
Through the empty expanse
With our clothes in the wind
And, hey, I dried my pants

Well we finally arrived
And what we did then
Was connect for an interview

They said please explain
Surviving the spill and the ‘cane
Would we build there again
I said “are you insane?

Like trailer parks lure
Tornadoes and hoods
A house on the shore
Will get wind, rain and floods

There are places to build
And spots to leave alone
If you want to live safely
In a comfortable home.”

So the lesson is simple
From hurricanes and BP
Don’t mess around
With the strength of the sea.

(Written when it looked like a hurricane was going to hit New Orleans)

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