Everyone in the world was paying attention to the rescue of the Chileno miners trapped 700 meters under the ground with no way to get out.  What a great story!

What’s Inspiring about the rescue of the Chilean Miners?

1.      That they were found 700 meters underground?

2.      That they stayed alive for so long?

3.      A hole could be made by drilling down to them?

4.      That they could all be rescued?

5.      That for the first time in a long time there was some positive news on the news channels?

6.      That the story did not involve any major power countries, politics or religious groups?

7.      That no celebrities or musical themes were involved?

8.      And that the miners and the rest of the world were spontaneously happy when they got out?

Remember these guys were trapped for 69 days without access to television.  Imagine the pain, the deprivation.

So what can advertisers learn?

That a very positive appeal with a clear story line is a great way to attract and maintain public attention.

You don’t need the borrowed interest from politics, celebrities, music or anything else to help it along if the story is compelling enough.

As we always say, the strategy – that is, coming up with the right story line – is the key to successful advertising.  Advertising is not about witty headlines, clever graphics, jokes, music or anything else that pretends to be meaningful content.  It is about the core message and having the right message for the right public.

It the case of the Chilenos, it was their successful rescue.  We all sighed with relief and wonderment as our technology allowed them to return to the surface.

True the world media will do destructive stories on them – the mistress, the miner’s disease silicosis, the claustrophobia, the numerology coincidences and so on.

But let’s just by happy the whole world found something fundamental to all cheer together for.  No religion, no politics, just human frailty put to the test and winning.

One of the main anchors on Chile’s national television station TVN, our old friend, Amaro Gomez-Pablos, says the story also lets the world get over the association with Augusto Pinochet who controlled Chile from 1973 to 1990.  During that period 3,000 people died in political violence and tens of thousands were tortured or exiled.

“Worldwide whenever you travel to any country immediately you say the word ‘Chile’ and it’s associated with Pinochet. I think this will be a page-turner,” Mr Gomez-Pablos said.

“We’ll flip the page over worldwide in terms that Chile will no longer be associated [with that]. The rescue effort of these 33 men has also meant the death of an icon that was always typically associated with this country.”

So there may be a good imagery story to go with the rescue too.

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