Test and Challenge the Ideas

You have asked your advertising agency to develop a copy strategy for your marketing efforts – why?

  • Because you read our blog?
  • Because you wanted your advertising to accomplish a goal?

They come back and present a strategy addressing your goal.  So how can you tell whether it is a good one or not?

Before evaluating the strategy, remember that once everyone in the creative development process has to buy into the copy strategy, it will be the basis for evaluating all creative that will be developed for the brand.  So it is good to take some time to think it through and consider it.  The time spent will be worth it and can save you a lot of time, money and aggravation later.

There is both art and science involved in the development of a strategy and basic elements that go into it.

So here are some tips on what to look for to determine whether the strategy technically works.  These are the left brained elements – you might say the science.

  1. Make sure the strategy contains all the elements required for an effective strategy: Promise, target, support for the promise.
  2. Is each element strategic and not executional?  It should include only ideas, not catchy lines or specific graphic ideas.
  3. Is each of the elements of the strategy clear and concisely stated?  Make sure it includes simple and direct statements rather than complex ones that can be interpreted differently by different people.
  4. Does everyone equally understand the statements of the strategy and are each of the elements clearly prioritized.  If the strategy is to endure, it has to be clear and understandable to people who will come to manage parts of the advertising in the future.
  5. If there is a character or tonality defined in the strategy, is it clear?  Does it have the opportunity to further the strategy?  Or is it just there “because?”
  6. Does the strategy have the potential for along term trajectory and carry the brand beyond the current advertising needs?  It is rumoured that Tide detergent has had the same strategy for 40 years.
  7. Is the strategy expressed as simply and directly as possible?

These are the questions to ask before evaluating how effective you expect the strategy to be.  Do this review before even thinking about whether the strategy has the power to be effective.

Our next strategy blog will give you some ideas on whether your strategy has the go power to direct your creative team to come up with ideas that really work.

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