Does This Look Like Desert

We have been inundated with propaganda about saving the Amazon rain forest.  Everyone seems to think that it is the solution to global warming.

True forests absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide and true the Amazon rain forest and Patanal are among the largest forested areas remaining, with the Canadian north and all of boreal Russia.  And the cutting down of the Amazon seems much more rampant than the abuses the Russians or ourselves lay on our forests.

These forests are the only ones left because Europe was all cut down and decimated over the past 1,000 years.  Other forests have also been stripped by other people around the world.  We pick on the Amazon because it makes a nice poster child for what is left.   And allows us to look past the blame for cutting down African rain forest and all the forest that covered Europe.

Plus, the expanding population in Brazil is steadily advancing on the rain forest and cutting it down.  So there is immediate jeopardy that can be addressed.

But there is another huge environmental advance that is reeking havoc on the environment.  The settlement of the United States Southwest.  The Southwest is a desert area that cannot support many people.

But as Phoenix grows and aging Americans and Canadians go looking for sunshine folks are moving in droves to Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.  And folks living in these desert areas are demanding swimming pools, lush golf courses, beautiful landscapes and no gila monsters or rattlesnakes.

These areas have a much larger per capita carbon foot print than most of the rest of North America.  That’s because of their need for more electricity due to the need for electricity gobbling air conditioning and the spread out spaces which mean lots of vehicular traffic.

Plus, the Colorado River has basically run dry due to the need for water, some frivolous and some required.  The Colorado River is competing with the Aral Sea for best disappearing act amongst significant water bodies…  and the award goes to…

Since population growth in the US Southwest creates more greenhouse gas, what is being done about it?

How can governments act to slow emigration to an area that cannot support the population it will have thrust upon it?

Moving freely to live where we want is a tough “right” to address.  And people in the Southwest have guns.

Population growth has meant people want to live in flood plains, near volcanoes, on coastal plains near earthquake zones, even in countries about to have revolutions.  Are we nuts?  Seemingly so.

Perhaps if the cost of water in the Southwest goes up high enough, immigration to the area will slow.  Maybe global warming will meant we can stay in the north and won’t need to move into these hot arid regions.  But we are slow to learn and it is about time we raised the alarm.  Easy to criticize Brazil.  How about a little self control ourselves.

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