Go to the Globe and Mail articles regarding politics and it is crammed with Liberal Party blather for the first many, many entries.  Clearly Liberal apparatchiks are at work spamming the dialogue for targeted mainstream media.  Is this social media at work, or social media being perverted?

When I made a comment on one post, I was immediately attacked by a Stefan Dion supporter who claimed Dion was a great leader.  Dion is the guy who blew a perfect Liberal Party opportunity to form a government by being way too left wing and being a professorial wing-nut to boot.  Who knew the guy had any supporters left, much less aggressive apologists.

A friend of mine has had the same experience.  Are all the mainstream media going to be spammed and jammed by the political parties?  Probably so, because a few well targeted people, say 15 to 20, could effectively jam up the discussion boards using a dozen or so aliases.

I have also gotten similarly spammed on reddit, the redoubt of bloggers.

So a chosen few apparatchiks can be used by political parties to stifle free speech, all in the name of free speech.

The key element of a strategy that requires trying to fool people is to play a subtle hand.  The problem with elections is that there are a lot of freelancers in every political party heading off in all directions.  They create social spam… comment clutter… twitter turmoil.

Once the dogs have been unleashed, the rules that protect most of us from unscrupulous communication messages have been tossed aside, like their respect for the voters.

If enough people detect this kind of stacking the deck, would there be a backlash?  Or will people just shrug and not care?

This is the stuff that gives the paranoids fuel.  Big brother is watching and meddling.  And there is no government fairness intervention for the internet.

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