About four or five years ago we decided to demonstrate our web abilities by creating a promotional site.  We called it  It was based on the old premise that advertisers believe half of their advertising investment is wasted.  They just don’t know which half.

We put the site up with a lot of good humour and had fun in creating it with our zero budget – trying to wedge production in between paying jobs.  And when we were done, we were, well, done.

The site drew quite a bit of traffic and we got a lot of positive interest as a result.  But the days of the unchanging site are gone.

We now get more than twice the traffic on our blog site than we get on our corporate site. Why?  Because there is always something new, and often something fun.

So it is coming time to retire the old site.  Technologies change and we created the site just before blogging hit the mainstream.

Now we would without doubt do the site differently.  We would constantly tinker with it and change it.

But maybe it wouldn’t be as much fun.  We had a lot of fun figuring out how to empty the M&Ms jar and how to punish the site visitor.  We may have the only “pie in your face” website on the internet.

We actually learned a lot about the inter-flow of sites when we had to design an algorithm that could loop back on itself in unexpected ways.

So before the old Viking warrior who leads us through the maze of advertising retires, we invite you to go for a spin on  Answer a few of the questions wrong and watch what happens.  It is still funny and it still has an excellent serious message to convey about advertising and advertising agencies.

And if you really want to empty the M&M jar, you will have to visit our offices.  We still have that large M&M jar in our boardroom; and it is still filled to the brim (or was today, the last time I looked).  Some things deserve to stay the same.

And if you visit the halfwasted site, please feel free to comment here on what you think.

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