Canada has always been accused of being polite and blasé.  It is difficult to explain to my US friends how Canada can declare a national election and have a vote with one month.

Heck in the US, they are already winding up for the November 2012 election, more than a year and a half away, with Mitt Romney recently announcing an exploratory committee.

Nothing like that in Canada.  We are blasé.  (Heck, the word is even bilingual so it fits.)

So here we are halfway through our national election, that’s right two weeks into it.  The news media is trying to drum up excitement, create suspense and make it seem like the vote will be close and highly contentious.  That’s where the ratings come from and that’s where the revenue comes from.

But unfortunately, the Conservative Party has a commanding 10 point lead in even the Liberal Party polls.  The Liberals, on their second leader in as many elections, can’t seem to gain any momentum despite strong news media support.

The very left leaning public network, CBC, is even running a pseudo “find the right party for your beliefs” which steers you so far left, it is virtually impossible not to be a socialist.  I asked my Tea Party friend from the US to try it out and he was still left of centre… for the first time in his life.  The pseudo examination includes questions like ”When there is an economic problem, government spending usually makes it worse” which is tough to answer since even the Canadian Conservative government infused billions in stimulus moneys, like most other governments.  Clearly, the exercise has serious flaws, but it is surprising to see public money wasted on it from a whiny network that has managed its ratings down to nothing while reaching out for more public money to support its lack of interest in the mainstream of the country.

Similarly the private media is looking for stories.  The longest story on the evening news tonight was the reformatting of a major market AM radio station owned by the same local television station.  (Yes, we have concentrated media ownership too).  But no salacious, sensational stories relating to the election.

It just doesn’t seem to be that fierce a contest.

What are the issues?

#1 is that there is an election.  No one wanted it and the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebec parties forced it.

#2 has to be the economy.  Canada has out performed the rest of the first world over the past few years.

These two factors alone suggest a Conservative Party win.

Yawn.  Can we continue to be blasé, eh?

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