Iggy Steps on a Pop Top

April 20, 2011

The election news today is about how Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff claimed he would not join in a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois.   Previously he had said he would.  It is all about damage control and trying to get some positive spin, any positive spin.

The flip flop shows some late understanding of how Canadians west of the Quebec border feel about dealing with a party whose goal is to have Quebec separate.

Ignatieff had flippantly remarked he wouldn’t form a coalition in the nationally televised debate.  But no one seemed to understand what he was saying on that flip flop.  Now the grease is in fire, the booze is in the blender.

Ignatieff is trying to rewrite history to show he never said he would.  The real questions are:  Will the NDP form the opposition party, or the Bloc?  And who is the next Liberal leader.

The Liberals seem to understand that as they drag out some of the old leadership.  As they do they further undermine their current leader.

The Liberal party has become the compromise party.  Trying to wedge itself between fiscal conservatism of the Conservatives and the socialism of the NDP.

The NDP is moving right and squeezing the Liberals reason for being.  It is becoming hard to tell Liberal from NDP anyway, especially when old NDPs, like Bob Rae, are now cloaked as Liberals.

And with Igantieff trying to blow off his flip flop, the Liberal brand just doesn’t stand for much of anything anymore. Maybe it needs rebranding.  It used to stand for the average Canadian, now it has taken to being the “whatever it might take to get elected” stance and changing that vision regularly.  The Party’s attempt at branding with their Family Pack, leaves it sounding like a meal deal  or a packaged good.  Family Pack?  Want fries with that?

Where does that leave the Liberals?  With an imported leader who doesn’t quite grasp the country he returned to and a lack of clarity in what it stands for… today.  The attempt to repackage after the Dion Debacle cannot be termed a success.

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