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June 27, 2011

Okay so this is about SEO but the real goal is Scroll Jumping Optimization or, SJO.

That’s because the ultimate goal is always to get your company site at or above the top of the scroll-bar.  People just won’t scroll down to find the lower ranking responses on searches.

Here’s the problem though.

Achieving SJO is simple. It requires some simple understanding of the basic steps required to get your site to rise above the scroll and to keep it there.

Most mid-size and smaller companies don’t invest the time needed to manage the process.  Instead, they hire “SEO Experts” to do it for them.

My experience has been that these “experts” know their stuff.  They know it so well that they can produce a 10-page document of all the things that they will do for your site to maximize SEO (oops SJO).

If you’re okay with paying thousands for this advice go ahead.

Once you pay you’ll continue to pay to have them maintain their service. Because if you do not maintain the SEO process your site sinks way below the scroll bar really fast.

Or, you can be a smarter with your web site and simply ensure that it follows a few basic SJO rules.  I’ll list some here and it is really really easy to do a search for more SJO tips that you can perform yourself.

  1. Update and change your content regularly. Regularly means at least weekly and more frequently if your company is in a highly competitive retail sector.  Assign this task to someone and hold them accountable.  If it is not someone’s job, it won’t get done.
  2. Write copy for your site that contains as many key words as possible. If you want to get traffic to the page that offers Electric Knife repairs, use the phrase “electric knife repairs in every paragraph on that page.
  3. Links – get a link to your site on as many other relevant sites as possible and have links on your site to other relevant sites. Links are the single most important aspect of SJO.

There are dozens more tips that any average computer user can search for and implement.  Many folks over 30 forget that the internet is where people get information today and you must think internet first when communicating with potential customers.

Summary – don’t be too quick to sign a cheque over to the “SEO Experts” when you can do a lot of it yourself and deliver SJO.

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