You hire a professional and then micromanage every detail of what they do for you, we describe it as “buying a dog and barking yourself.”

It is a hard balance to manage.

For advertising, the marketer has a particular goal they want to achieve such as sales increases, or product news that will bring sales increases, or an event that will bring sales increases.  I think I mentioned sales increases, didn’t I?

They have hired an advertising agency to create marketing communications for them.  Now what do they do?

First, Marketer, brief the agency on: your product or service, who buys it (HINT: it isn’t everyone — despite what you think), your timing and budget.

Then you turn them loose with a due date to get back to present their ideas to you.  Being a left brained marketing person, you already have some expectations of what the advertising should look like.

Here are five helpful hints to follow to get the most for your efforts.

  1. Decide on the overall objectives for your communication, then let your professionals give you a recommendation
  2. Put your preconceived notions into the bottom drawer of your desk
  3. Trust the agency’s aesthetic instincts, that’s what you hired them for.  Don’t fret over whether the feature is in a circle or a star or other such details.  Leave that to them.
  4. Don’t prejudge what your communications should be like or you might as well do the work yourself (leave them in that bottom drawer)
  5. The real value you get is not the assembling of the communication, but the new insights and ideas that go into it.
  6. Leave the door open to the unexpected.  If your advertising agency is any good, they will attack the problem in a way you wouldn’t have and provide new insights that can help better achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to challenge their recommendations,  asking why certain decisions were made.

But don’t start dictating the details or soon your experts will invisibly throw up their hands and let you be the director.  There is an old saying in Advertising that clients get the creative they deserve.  If you want to hold your agency responsible, you have to give them room.

If you take their recommendation and make executional changes yourself, you have bought a dog and barked yourself.

And you end up with a dog’s breakfast for an ad.

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