While Tiger Wood’s story seems to dominate reporting about the golf world, it may have distracted us from a bigger story in golf.

This week’s World Invitational and next week’s PGA Championship are significant events in the golfing calendar and bring golf to the front of sports news.

Not that long ago virtually all the best players in the world were the Americans.

Okay, there were a few exceptions such as Vijay Singh, Ernie Els and a few others in the top ten from time to time, or the occasional Australian.

But now only four of the top ten players in the world are Americans.  And only 16 of the top 50 golfers in the world are from the United States.

The same is true on the women’s side, with only 2 of the top ten female golfers from the U.S.

The US PGA Tour still has the most money to be won, but it is no longer a totally dominant Major League of the world of golf.  The European Tour often gets a larger percentage of the top golfers in the world to their events.

The world is becoming a multiverse instead of having one or two dominant players.

Now there are many countries who are vying for their pieces of the pie; just as there are players from all over the world climbing the ranks as the best players in golf.

This transition of power can be seen in other economic areas as well.  But golf is easy to see.  The United States has gone from dominance to participant in the last ten to fifteen years.

But it isn’t really that the United States has fallen.

It is just that the rest of the world has caught up.  The rest of the world holds the US more accountable and recent downgrading of U.S. debt is just another sign that momentum and dominance has gone.

It is a new world now.  There are no good guys and there are no bad guys – there are just a bunch of us at the table and we all have to get along better through better relations with each other.

No more bullying!  You hear that Russia, the US and OPEC!  You too, China.

Let’s try to get along better.  There is only one earth and one family of humanity.  No one will get their way all the time.  So let’s be more tolerant and more decent with each other.

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