Adwords Aren’t for Nerds

August 14, 2011

One thing I discovered when I started to learn about Google Adwords some time ago – it is definitely not for nerds.

Yes it does take oneself into the realm of the nerdy, from the perspective that you have to spend lots of time on-line, on Adwords.

Anyone can memorize Adword definitions.  Words and phrases like “keywords, negative keywords, cost-per-click, click-through rate, display and destination URL” and so on are worth knowing.  Very worth knowing.  And it takes some experience to manage how you use them.

You must know what all of these mean plus a hundred more definitions before you can even think about running an effective Google Adwords campaign.

And knowing all that stuff is the real nerd’s Achilles heel.  The weakness is that a tech person knows all the tech stuff but not much of the marketing or media thinking that are required to do an effective AdWords campaign.

Ask an Adword Nerd what else he knows and he’ll give you more definitions.  Ask him about the media strategy and he’ll tell you, “….uh, oh!”

To create the most relevant Adwords ad and use the most relevant keywords that will help customers find you — and help you find them — you need an understanding of how advertising works.

And that folks, is the Nerd’s Achilles heel.  The Adword nerd knows everything about Google Adwords and not much about three really important marketing areas that you need to be effective:

  • Media strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Consumer psychology and behaviour

You can go through the motions with AdWords, but you really should be in it for the results not just the exercise.  As someone once told me, it’s about the tool, its “knowing what to do with it that counts!”

If you want your company’s sales to grow, Adwords can be an important tactic and tool.  But, make sure you or your consultant know more than the definitions of Adwords terms and how to post them.

You owe it to your company to work with an experienced marketing person, not just an Adword nerd.

Find out what we know about Adwords besides the definitions.  Give us a call.

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