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October 16, 2011

A friend of mine decided that he was going to start a consulting business when he got down sized from a senior marketing job.

He spent about three months coming up with a company name, a logo, a mission statement, printing letterhead and cards.  He organized a home work space, with all the peripherals for his business.

He then set about writing a philosophy: it included his unique approach to business, how he would be finding value and results through marketing and so on.

He did everything to present himself as professional, no detail was over looked.  He even agonized about a name for his enterprise and came up with a good one.  Registered his name and URL, made a small website to explain himself and his philosophy.

Wait!  There was one thing he didn’t do.  He didn’t go get any business.

He wanted to be completely ready before he presented himself.

In short, he wasn’t a big success because he over-thought what he had to do almost to the point of paralysis.  Months into his start-up, he actually started up, now desperately needing revenue to keep going.

My philosophy and counsel has always been virtually the opposite.

If you want to start a business, go get some business first and worry about the trappings later.  In fact, tailor your philosophy to what your clients need.  What you can do is secondary.  Heck, I make a great banana bread but there has never been a call for it from my clients.

Many times over the years clients have asked us to undertake something that we weren’t all that sure we could achieve.  But we undertook it with a belief that we could figure out what to do and find the resources we needed to get the job done.  It was really like that in the mid 90s when we started making websites.  Even the industry press didn’t know what they were – much less know how to make one.

The internet is ideal for this philosophy.  While it would be great to launch your website as a complete and thorough piece, but there are positive reasons for launching it as soon as you are reasonably ready, not necessarily 100% ready.

By continuing to update your site after it is launched you are actually helping improve its Search Engine Optimization.

So don’t overthink it too much.  Just get out there and do it.  Don’t wait until you die before you start writing your autobiography!

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