Have you ever wondered why so many car dealers voice their own commercials?  So many do it, that these commercials are ubiquitous – in fact, they are HUGE!

So from an advertising pro’s point of view, why do they do it?  Our cynical view of their body of work, lead us to these top ten reasons.

Here are our top ten reasons:

  1. They have big egos already
  2. They work cheap
  3. The client loves the talent selection
  4. The dealer principals are intrinsically identified with their dealership (often their name is already on the sign)
  5. It is easy for the agency or the station to get approval of the production
  6. Their competitors all do it, so they think it is normal
  7. Otherwise they don’t have anything relevant to say about their dealership
  8. The copy writing may be bad, but it is cheap and the talent is allowed to go off script
  9. It gets them on TV for added PR value when there’s an industry story
  10. Their relatives compliment them at family parties and dinners

Notice that few of these have to do with the strategic communications message they are trying to get across about their business.

There is a weakness to this strategy when the time comes for them to sell their business, since their personalities are part of the equity.

Retailers are naturally impatient with any advertising message.  The retail world is constant trial and error in a changing world.  With themselves as the talent they can’t make as frequent changes as they might unless they are willing to go into a studio to make changes.

For radio, many retailers just phone in their performance — literally.  They phone the studio or station and have their voice recorded off the phone.  And creatively, of course, this approach is just phoning in the creative.

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