Success on the web and social marketing requires three factors working together.  And if they don’t all come together, you’ve got …well nothing.

Technology and psychology need to be aligned for the technology to be effectively received.  After the technology bust in the late 90s, many of the same “bust ideas” became successful as consumer psychology evolved and became more accepting of using the web for things they were not prepared to accept in the 90s.

These two legs of an idea are needed to give it a chance.  But just the two will leave your business falling over.

There is a third leg that makes an internet based business proposition successful: The right kind of Marketing idea.

That’s Marketing, not Sales.  People who confuse marketing with sales underestimate its power.  Marketing creates value.

Sales goes out there and gets people to buy baking soda.  Marketing tells folks to put an open container of baking soda in their fridge to reduce odours.  Just an idea but an idea that will move product by putting the product in a new light for potential users.

Sales sells razor blades.  Marketing puts a strip on the blades to show people they need to replace the blade more often and that means buying more.

With the internet, having an application or creating software are great.  But useless unless they match up to the users’ psychology.  But then they have to be marketed.  That means getting the message out and making sure it is the right message.

Facebook owes a considerable part of its success to how it was marketed.  Leading with Harvard and then virusing out to other colleges and universities and then to the general public.  Hard to imagine that the steamroller success Facebook enjoyed if it had started at a small college with no caché.  In this case, the marketing idea came through serendipity and the luck of starting up at Harvard.  That gave Facebook a branded endorsement that other similar sites did not have.

If you understand the technology and psychology, your Marketing has to be their equal to deliver the goods so your business can stand on its own.

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