The Finish of 2012 Terry Fox at Wilket Creek Park

After 30 years you might think the local hero halo would have faded.  This Sunday, there were still huge crowds all across the country raising money in the name of Terry Fox.

The quiet do-gooder really fits the Canadian ideal.  Like Terry Fox, we just go out to help get things done without crowing too much about it.

Okay, so the Terry Fox Run is still a little hokey.  Lots of volunteers.  No competitors, just families out for 5km or 10km walks, jogs, wheelchair rides, bicycling, or strolling with strollers.  And if the event could only get people out for a walk, that would be a decent achievement in this lack of exercise era.

But each participant is also raising money for cancer research, inspired by the Terry Fox story.  Companies organize employees to team up and participate.  There are location sites around the country from tiny towns (like Flower’s Cove, population 270) to major cities and thousands and thousands of participants.

Everyone goes out for a nice family day, to show their support for a lost loved one, to teach their kids about community support and to raise funds for a fight we would all like to win.

Terry Fox’s story touched the hearts of virtually all Canadians and motivated the first Terry Fox Run.  He died back in 1982 about halfway into his personal run across Canada on one leg.  But 30 years later his spirit is still running strong.

While it could have been just unitiale guilt at a person who ran until he died, but the event has sustained itself and flourished.  The original organizers have gone and the torches have been passed.  The Terry Fox Run seems to have established itself now as a Canadian tradition.  And a real nice one at that.

I can think of no other Canadian that comes as close to Sainthood as Terry Fox.  A true national hero and inspiration.

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