Toodle Loo iPod

November 25, 2013

I recall getting my iPod quite a few years ago.  It was a marvel.  It was magic.  It was having a solid Walkman that never needed tapes and could hold everything I ever wanted to listen to. And a lot that I never would.

By the time I burned it out and bought a new one, the iPod held 80 gigabytes of material.  Massive!

It could store enough music, audio books and podcasts to last a year.  Or more.

Now the one I have holds 160 gigabytes.  That’s more than two years of material. A technological marvel.

But in reality, it is a dinosaur and on its way to extinction.


Obviously!  Because my smartphone/camera/music player device can hold more than enough for me to listen to.  So the iPod is one more device I won’t have to carry or lose.

I had started with a cellphone to make phone calls with.

Actually, the one I started with was mounted in my car because it was too large to carry around.  But soon it became a hand held device.  Then I added a Palm Pilot for my appointments and contact list, and then came an iPod to listen to music/talk on.

I never used to carry a camera around unless I planned to take pictures.  And the digital ones were quite expensive,  Each of these hand held devices was a marvel of technology.

Now, I don’t carry my iPod around.

I just use it when riding on my bike or in my car.  And really, I should just use one of those tiny iPods that are great for the gym, joggers and cyclists.  They hold about as much as my phone does.

But if you have your phone with you, why do you even need such a specialized piece of equipment.  The iPod might have been a marvel of technology but it is obviously on its way out after about 20 years.  Not a bad product life cycle.

Now where did I put my Palm Pilot?

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