Many times I have been asked for career assistance from folks just entering the industry, so here is some advice if you want to get ahead in Marketing Communications.

My first counsel is to start with an entry job where you will learn as much as you can.

Think of your first job as a post graduate course in practical training.  Forego looking for the highest salary!

As painful as that might be when you desperately need the money when you are coming out of school.

Your first job is an investment in your future. It is the launch pad for your career.  So if you believe you have a career trajectory that is going to carry for a long time, act like it and put your learning curve on the steepest slope you can. To aim for the stars, you have to aim high.

The higher you can get your learning curve, the more rewarding your career will be.

When changing jobs, be careful.  Anyone who wants you to move has to offer you more money, better benefits, more opportunities or you wouldn’t leave.  So expect that.  What you want at the beginning of a career is opportunity to learn and show your stuff.

if they offer you a lot more, check their working environment.  They might be offering you danger pay.  I have made this mistake, and changed my mind within six months to correct that mistake.

We all get into environments that change against us.  Persevering is an option.  Finding an alternate route in your organization might be your best option, before heading out into parts less known.

Most of us want promotions on the road to greater success.  Getting promoted where you are looks great on your resume.  The best.

Taking a job elsewhere that jumps you up can be great.  But never get too far ahead of yourself, you’ll never catch up.

If you take a job that is too far ahead of your current capabilities, you run the risk of failing.  If you only survive, you may have hurt your confidence and momentum as well as your long term prospects.

Better to be a star — a big fish in a smaller pond — than flounder in a larger one.  Being a successful big fish gives you momentum, confidence and makes your long term goals more accessible.

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