The Green Dwarf

March 17, 2014

There were many times when we presented commercials to clients who we felt had to make changes to make sure their input was integrated into the commercial.

The one who pays the piper wants to call the tune.

So here is how we would describe the commercial: two women are discussing a problem that they are having when a green dwarf walks by in the background.  One recommends the client’s product to the other.  We cut to a demo of the product in action as a hero solving the problem.  Cut back to the women, where the one with the problem thanks her friend for the recommendation.

The expected client response would sound something like this: “Great commercial, I really like it — except what is that green dwarf doing in the opening scene?”

We smack our collective foreheads in astonishment!  “Excellent call.  Yes!!  We should get rid of that green dwarf and the commercial would be perfect.  Good call, client!  Good call.”

The solution — the client got to make a change that was extraneous to the commercial.  And we got the commercial approved.  Win – win!

Why did we call it a green dwarf?  Who knows.  It was kind of a disposable MacGuffin. A catalyst that helped us arrive at the place we wished to be, but a MacGuffin that never arrives itself.  There for the presentation, but not the production.

Except, of course, when we were doing commercials for Lucky Charms.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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