When marketers buy media, digital, broadcast or print, they often say that they are buying eyeballs.  That’s what we call how many people will see the advertising.

That’s might be what we buy, but that’s not what we want.  We need to get past the eyeballs and into the brains.

One of the digital mistakes advertisers make is relying on the eyeball count.  No one makes a purchase decision based on just having seen an ad.  Or even having seen the ad a number of times.  The eyeballs have get the person behind them to be moved or at least affected by the advertising.

That’s why advertising is both a science and an art.  A science to track down the eyes; and an art to get past them into the brains.

Science may provide the quantitative measure of the eyeballs who have seen the ad.  But Art must take over and move the idea from the eyes into the brains.  Then inspire the brains to get their bodies moving.

Buying the numbers is sort of half the battle.  And it is wrong to think your mission is accomplished if that’s all you get.

What is needed is a compelling, provocative message that has persuasive power to get behind those eyeballs and move people.

A lot of ads, especially digital ads, miss this point and only arrive at the vicinity of the eyes.  Sure, the ads get located where the customer will be, but don’t attract the full attention of the eyes and don’t get past them to click through and get more information. Or better yet, motivate the brain behind those eyes to get out and purchase the product.

The limited live space available in on-line ads is a challenge.  But no more than the challenge of selling Tide in 15 seconds.

So take the time to refine and strategically hone the message.  A compelling message is the door to getting through the eyes to the brain.  Then  let the brain do the rest.

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