Have you noticed the proliferation of numbered lists on every website you visit (listicles)?  Not on just one or two, but seemingly all of them.  10 Top Goals from the World Cup.  14 Actresses Who Have Posed Nude.  10 Richest Men in Armenia.  And so it goes.

Why have lists replaced cat videos and baby photos on the web?  When did listing become such a fad?

Here is my list of things that bug me on today’s internet:

  1. Number lists – what’s up with all the numbered lists on the web these days, the listicles.  Every website seems to have numbered lists of things.  These are designed to show off a slide show feature.  They are typically only numbered no higher than 12
  2. with some numbers being a continuation of a previous one because the point ends up too long.
  3. Why 12?  Because people can’t stay focused longer than 12.
  4. Obsession with celebrities and the whole cult of celebrity.  These people are generally famous because they are well known.  There are much more interesting people in the world that those who can don a fancy wardrobe and parade down a red/green/blue/yellow or even Persian carpet.
  5. Celebrity gossip and speculation.  Come to think of it, the news is now more speculation and promotion than news anyway.  (See previous blog about the Emoticon News)
  6. How print media sites now feel they need a video of one of their staffers telling us the story instead of allowing us to read.  People listen up! Those writers are not usually camera friendly, and besides, I still know how to read – maybe I’m a minority.
  7. This is just number 7 so we can have a list that gets to 12.  See item #1.  Or maybe a pop-up ad.
  8. The cat videos and rants about politics
  9. Facebook Content Ads interrupt the flow of news from friends and family
  10. The ads that let you know big brother is watching you buy offering deals on goods or services you have recently priced or looked at
  11. Slide shows that have very little information, just titillation
  12. Most numbered lists have no new information, they are just a regurgitation of information found somewhere else.  The trick is to titillate you into looking at their list so they can sell your eyeballs.  (See previous blog about Eyeballs)

I am sure there are more things that bug me about the internet.  But accepting the industry standard for reader endurance and the general ADD nature of society, I have to stop at 12.

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