Ever notice how some man-made objects seem to have lives of their own, independent of their owners.

Sure these objects are created by people for people to use.

But some things just seem to tolerate the presence of humans and go on their own merry way.  Like cats do.

Things such as umbrellas, pens, pencils, ever clothing like sweaters and hats.

We might buy these things for our own use, but if they yearn to travel, they will head off on their own in their own directions.

You may think that you own a pen – don’t be so arrogant!  The pen is only with you for a while.  Treasure it while it is with you.  And if you really love it, let it go.  (Very 70’s idea!)

I recall an umbrella that a friend from Boston left at my place in New York City.  Another friend was visiting from Washington and needed to borrow the umbrella.  It never came back.  We just concluded that the umbrella was heading south for the winter.

We are arrogant to believe that our universe is controlled by us.  We are all just fellow travelers.

No deep thoughts here, just that we need a little humility every day.  Hoping the world will conform to our expectations is folly.  We need to deal with facts not fiction.  But our ability to fantasize vastly outstrips our ability to be objective about real issues.

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