Many technology business people we have met believe that any great new technology will immediately be accepted and embraced.

No marketing required.  If you build it, they will come.

It is the same premise that has led to the failure of many other businesses over time.

Communicating to potential customers is the same as greasing the wheel that drives your business.  If you don’t grease the wheel, it turns slowly.

The more potential customers who know about your offering, the quicker more of them can try it.

This means getting awareness of your offering – to the most people – with a propensity to try it – as quickly as possible.

People who are likely to try your product will have similar qualities, in some dimension.  Identifying those dimensions is what targeting is all about.  It doesn’t mean these are the only people who will try it, but these are the people most likely to  be interested in trying it.

Without the proper communications plan don’t expect your technology to be spontaneously successful.  It is no more likely than expecting people to spontaneously combust.  While you might get hit by lightning, it is an unlikely occurrence.

If potential customers aren’t aware of your offering, they certainly aren’t going to visit or try it.  Sure Psy got 2 billion views on his Gangnam Style video.  But don’t underestimate how much he was out there promoting it and he had spent more than ten years in the music business before being an “overnight viral sensation.”  There are also millions of youtube videos that got virtually no views.

Many businesses make the mistake of expecting customers to find them.  They believe the act of communicating, on purpose, to prospective customers is somehow wrong.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of communications.  Folks slam messages that they believe are deceitful, misleading or confusing.  But that doesn’t mean all are bad, it simply identifies the areas to be careful about when crafting your message.

People want information about products and services that are relevant to them.  Useful information can spread like wildfire, virally.  But if you are expecting your message to be so important and so interesting that it will move virally – wake up.  It is a dream that comes through for very few.

Having a new site that is not promoted, is like opening a restaurant in a forest and still expecting a line at the door.  Or building a baseball fied in your corn and expecting teams to show up.

Life is not a field of dreams.  Dreams are.

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