A Latino owned barbecue restaurant decided to do a White Appreciation Day.  What a great example of a local store marketing idea that got huge bounce.

The idea got national and local TV exposure, it was all over the internet on all the news sites.  In short, it got millions of dollars of exposure for Edgar Antillon, co-owner of Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, Colorado.

It was fueled by the idea, not piles of money.  The US media ran with it because they love racial items.

Antillon was interviewed on CNN and other stations and the announcers tried to bait him into making a racial comment but he kept to the high ground of the story.  As an Hispanic, he said there is a Hispanic month, a Black history month, but nothing for white people.  While the idea originally started as a joke, he felt that all people should be appreciated and so he has extended it to a White Appreciation Day. He also added that any discounts on the day will be for all customers.

What a great local store promotion idea.  Simply by announcing what seems controversial, got their restaurant incredible and totally unaffordable publicity.  They certainly didn’t spend a lot of money on promotional materials as their sign was hand written with a black marker on white paper.

We have helped a lot of retailers come up with ideas to promote their stores and this is one of the best.  Tagging on to “holidays” that are thinly disguised commercial events, like Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Cinco de Mayo and so forth do work.  But they are not as unique as this idea.

Creativity drives awareness, and creativity can get any retailer noticed. What it takes is coming up with the right idea to promote your location.

I am sure with the huge amount of publicity this has garnered, the Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe in Milliken, Colorado will have a lot of butts rubbing up to each other on June 11.

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