We have been watching the herd of US Republican candidates scramble and shoot off darts at each other, forming alliances and then turning on their opponents.  It is great entertainment.

It might make a better reality show to put all the US Republican candidates in one of the areas of the United States where no one can vote for them – say Western Samoa.  Put them on an island, just like the Survivor TV show, with a village of Samoans, who have to vote for these candidates.

What a great reality show.  Promises made and reneged upon.  And we will have almost a year before a winner is declared.  The poor Samoan villagers.  Will they rise up and dispose of all the candidates in disgust?

Who will the survivor be?

The first time we met all these candidates was at a so-called “debate” – which was really a press conference with ten candidates.  Too many candidates to actually debate each other.

It left each of them scrambling to deliver a shamelessly self promoting “elevator speech” for about 30 seconds – telling viewers why the public should vote for them.  A thirty second job interview that had to create enough traction to enable that candidate to remain at the grown-up table of the principal candidates.

Because there was also an undercard, the kids table, – a raft of even more candidates that wouldn’t fit on the the main stage.

So maybe instead of this mass press conference, we should move to the full reality TV opportunity – Survivor – The Republicans.

After all, the motto of the Survivor reality show is “Outwit – Outplay – Outlast” – all manner of deceit and deception are expected.  And week by week, someone will be voted off of the island.  At least with this format, candidates can be removed weekly.

Hopefully by next spring some valid candidate will emerge.  Or maybe they will all deflate each other and someone will emerge that wasn’t in the original casting call.  And maybe the candidates will bloody each other enough that there will be nothing but a ho-hum election afterwards.

Catering to the Primary Election voting audience of one party only certainly doesn’t qualify as a valid test market for the final election.

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