That would be virtually everything you are already doing.

This includes: banking, using your phones, renting or driving a car, accessing software on our computers, watching television shows or movies, visiting your doctor or dentist, going to a professional sports game, any kind of travel – we definitely should not do these things and many more.

Each of these, and many others, have legal disclaimers and conditions for use, some going on for pages.  These legal conditions point out you are going to be at fault and the seller of the product or service will be blameless. It is not an even playing field.

Welcome to legal victimhood.

You might as well issue a quitclaim on any liability you may suffer to the party providing the service.

I recently rented a car from Hertz.  They presented me with a ten page legal folder outlining the conditions of rental that I was supposed to agree to before I could leave with my rental car.  My choice was to agree or to walk away – one option certainly wasn’t to review the extensive document with my lawyer and another was to read and digest the ten pages.

The same is true of every EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) for software that we download or as conditions of using a website, WIFI or app.  Or the terms of use for your credit cards.

Has anyone, other than those paid to read them or the lawyers who wrote them, ever read any of these forms?  I think not.  If you read them. you would not likely ever agree to the terms.

The net impression left by these legal blatherings is to communicate to the customer that the customer is at the mercy of the issuing company and the customer will lose in any disagreement.

The seller is empowered but the customer is not.  The seller has had the time to prepare for the transaction.  The buyer has neither the time, resources or options at that point to contest anything.  Unless you travel with your own lawyer and can accept the option of walking to your hotel miles away.  And, by the way, the hotel has its own conditions when you register.

This is another indication that the capitalist system has tipped in favour of the folks with many lawyers and large budgets to defend themselves.

It does not come down to who is right and who is wrong.  Rather, it is about who can defend or insulate themselves with more legal tactics and lawyers.

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