10 Amazing Secrets of Digital

November 28, 2016

Advertising changed when it moved to digital.  And it has really moved.  More money is now spent on digital than on any traditional medium such as television or radio.

So what do agencies think about digital advertising?

  1. Digital is the medium of impatience and requires instant gratification
    Less room for emotional appeal has led to developing creative that can immediately hook a viewer, often using some kind of borrowed interest but not normally using an emotional appeal.
  2. Immediate response <click> is the measure of reaching audiences
    We used to think exposure, or viewing a commercial message was reaching a potential customer.  Now we want a click as proof.  The impression that an ad makes doesn’t count as the end result anymore.
  3. Quality of the creative message is less important than delivering graphics quickly
    Lower res graphics became the order of the day.  But as bandwidth has improved video has become more and more important.  This leaves small advertisers facing a costly production to support inexpensive digital ads unless there is existing graphic assets including video or animation.  The gif (multi-frame ad) is the poor man’s video.
  4. Digital creative works best when supported by traditional media and messages
    We know by monitoring click responses that overlaying broadcast advertising improves clickthroughs and adds depth of sale to continue the improvement, even after the broadcast advertising is over.
  5. Digital creative is very left brained
    Less room for emotional appeal has led the entire genre to focus on logical sell.  The advent of video has helped move from being totally logic oriented, but there is still a long way to go.
  6. Digital accounts are very high maintenance for agencies
    Digital media requires a lot of attention; ads have to be created and trafficked in various sizes; but, the overall revenue from commissions is substantially less.  Because the advertising is live and the media is constantly changing, clients are constantly requesting changes.  All this work costs agencies hours.  Hours cost money.  Be ready for your agency to charge fees to cover the cost of all this busy work.
  7. Digital services are short term oriented and very busy, busy, busy
    Maybe its us, but more likely it is the industry as well.  Budgets are not as long term in their planning and strategies are for immediate results, so they are more like tactics than strategies.
  8. Long term vision is a series of short term needs
    Once you get into a short-term mind set, it is hard to step back and abandon your short term targets and embrace a longer term vision.
  9. Media has gotten smarter to compensate for creative
    As creative dumbed down, it fell to Media to get more creative and gain cooperation from sites to incorporate advertising messages within the sites in whatever manner they can, from pre-rolls to features to mobile apps.  This has been aided by the push for sites to monetize their traffic, which makes them more interested in cooperating.
  10. Programatics will find audiences you didn’t think would be interested
    The old way of finding potential customers by understanding demographics and psychographics has been replaced by algorithms that learn what kind of person will click a digital ad.  These algorithms are based on various parameters including search history, past site visits, Facebook preferences, and much more.

These ten are a starter survey of what agencies think.  We’ll have more to say later.

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