The Husbands’ Chair

December 8, 2016

One incredible service that retailers could provide would be a “husbands’ chair” for the partners of their female shoppers.  And another would be free wifi or a TV.  These will pay off in no time for retailers.

Females love shopping.  Men, not so much.  But women love to have their male companions accompany them when they are shopping, sometimes for a second opinion which can be ignored and sometimes for their wallets.  Okay, that may be sexist, but it is accurate.  I have seen it so many times.

While women are browsing through the stores, particularly ready to wear, the men are idle and frustrated.

Providing a chair for the man, and maybe some wifi or a TV for them to use, will provide the woman with more time to shop without being interrupted, thereby providing a greater opportunity for increased sales.  The more time customers spend in their shops, the more likely store managers are to make a sale.

Women are conditioned to browse.  It is part of their biological drive to sort through carefully before making a selection. Women shop more and spend more time in doing so.

Men are utilitarian in their shopping behaviour; they go into a store, buy and then leave.   Men, the premordial hunters, are not as choosy.  When the opportunity is approximately correct, they act and move on.

Retailers job is to lure shoppers into their stores and make them stay longer.  With a comfortable waiting area for the male, the woman is under less pressure to leave and has the time to comfortably make her decisions to buy.

While such a waiting area takes up some valuable floor space, consider the sales opportunity that increased time spent in store can create.  We know that the longer someone stays in a store, the greater the likelihood for a purchase.

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