The Bouncing $2 Bill

July 25, 2017

When I was a little kid, our neighbourhood was not a wealthy one.  Far from it.  It could probably be described as lower middle class, mostly blue collar.

My birthday happened to come before my buddy down the street had his.  He would give me a card with a $2 bill inside.  Two dollars was a fairly princely sum for a little kid at that time.

But then his birthday came a couple months later.  He would receive from me a birthday card with a $2 bill inside.  We often joked that it was the same $2 bill.

As the years passed we fell out of touch from time to time and on one of significant birthdays, in mid life, one of us started the tradition again.  A birthday card with a $2 bill inside.  I forget which of us got it, but it came with an emotional wave remembering the times when $2 meant something and then recalling that it really meant something more than currency.

The economic value was significantly diminished however the emotional value was greatly enhanced.

So we began again exchanging $2 bills again and now have for more than half a century.  This year, I hit a significant birthday and he presented me with a framed $2 bill.  His wife said this should be its resting place.

No, it was not the original one.  And no, the original one did not have a King on it.

But my buddy knows what’s coming in a month or so when his birthday rolls around: one tired and tattered $2 bill in his card.  So we have now even out lived the currency since getting a $2 bill can be pretty challenging.  But some things live on.

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