U.S. Exports Gun Fever

December 5, 2017

The U.S. stands alone in their love affair with guns.  Gun ownership sometimes seems obligatory there.   To the rest of the world it seems bizarre, aberrant, even crazy and abhorrent.

Now that U.S. mania for guns has been spread, insidiously, to other places and other countries.  It has spread due to the U.S. assumed fear that everyone has a gun and that can make conditions dangerous.

It first spread to airports worldwide.  All U.S. residents seem to assume that the conditions in the rest of the world are the same as they are in the U.S.  This leads them to conclude that airline passengers require screening before boarding a flight to the U.S.  With isolated incidents confirming the need for fear, pre-screening has become a condition of airline use for travelers.

Pre-screening now has spread beyond airlines to anywhere crowds gather, including athletic events such as baseball games.  The photo here is at a baseball game in Detroit, where probably everyone does own a gun.  So perhaps screening does make sense there.

When we go to a baseball game in Toronto, we now have to go through a metal detector as well.  Why?  Visiting U.S. residents?  No, because the vast majority of major league baseball games occur in the United States.  So therefore ALL major league baseball parks require metal detection before admission based on league rules.

As an aside, more people are injured by flying baseballs and the occasional bat than by guns; but, eliminating balls and bats at games would be kind of self defeating.

Once one major sports league requires it, why not all – football, hockey… As to how many gun attacks there have been at a professional sports event…. I think the number could range from zero to one.  So why do we encumber the fans with the expense and the inconvenience of the screening process?  Because in the U.S. people would bring guns.

And concerts are now included as well.

Should we require metal detectors in restaurants as well?  People gather there.  I wonder what the next “preventative measure” intrusion will be?  If we take the U.S. as the lowest common denominator for public safety, perhaps we will all also be required to have dashboard cameras for our own protection.

The U.S. has been trying to change the rest of the world.  It has changed.  Now the rest of the world should be trying to change the U.S.

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