You go for a walk or a drive and have an idea that you think is a good one. You rush home to write it up on your computer. But more often than not that is the time for one of many software programmes to update themselves. Or your computer simply takes an eternity to boot up due to software updates, while alerts are pop up to distract you.

My computer constantly disrupts my thought processes and sometimes I lose that train of thought altogether.

This reminds me of what happened to the great English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge who was writing one of his greatest poems, Kublai Khan, when a person came from Porlock to talk to him.  He had finished the first section of the poem, which is magnificent.  After speaking with this person, he lost his flow and couldn’t regain it. This leaves the poem amazing at the beginning and with a second section that is rather mundane.

In a world constantly filled with more and more distractions, how can we not develop some kind of ADD?  There are the notifications from so many programs – email alerts, Facebook postings, tweets, news alerts, program updates and so on and so forth.?

ITunes, for example, takes forever to update and then decides to reboot the computer.  One time iTunes even decided to rename all my files and I was only able to stop it in mid-flight when I realized what was going on.  While security is great, to update iTunes, I need a user name and password for the software, for the Apple site the download is from and then for my computer.  Then it requests an Apple Cloud password.  Really?  Are my music choices that important?

As originally sold, the computer is there to serve and help you do better.  Which it does.  Now that we are dependent on them, they have become more demanding and to some degree control of our lives.  Is this correct?  Wait a few seconds to answer that – while I am recalculating.  Wait, I need to check my phone.  And then the video feed in the background.

As well, our computers have become very needy. They also require time for maintenance and to update software. Sometimes at in appropriate times, allowing no option for “later/remind me in six hours.”  Plus some of the maintenance has been downloaded to us as we have to spend some time deleting old emails, backing up old files, updating and changing our passwords.  It is not all improved productivity.

Who’s the boss here? Maybe it is the software.  One thing is certain; it is training us to have more and more problems paying attention to details.

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