The Importance of Luck

May 12, 2018

Few successful people claim luck to be the primary source of their successes.  Most regale you with their struggles and the hard work needed to get ahead.  But if they were honest, there had to be a whole lot of luck involved to help them along the way.

If you have to choose between being good or being lucky, always choose lucky.  Lucky puts you in the right spot to take on an opportunity.  But it doesn’t guarantee success.

The truth is, if you are lucky, you better be good too. When your chance does come along, you have to be lucky to get it; you have to be smart enough to recognize it; and, you have to be brave enough and good enough to capitalize on that opportunity.

I have found that those who do tell me that they have been lucky, are also well liked and successful as managers.  They understand that humility can help build a team.

Having the sense that you are lucky is also a sign of the kind of the optimism that can help you take advantage of the situation and come out ahead.

When obstacles are thrown in their way, the optimists consider it to be luck because it allows them to overcome a hurdle and gain confidence and reputation.  “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill.

Those who crow too loudly that they made it on their own are usually misrepresenting their luck.  Donald Trump likes to say he is self made; but, being staked to a $100 million head start and access to all the contacts from his father sounds pretty lucky to me.  Unless he had unbelievable skill at choosing his parents.

I know there were times when folks I worked with thought a situation we inherited meant certain failure; but, I usually looked at these situations as license to make changes and take risks.  Why not?  If I was going to fail, I might as well initiate actions that would give us a chance and fail on our own terms.  And that chance usually turns out to be a “lucky” one.

These situations gave us a chance to bet on our team and what we could do.  That lucky license also gave us a chance break a rut we might have been in.

After all, if you never place your bets you never win.

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