Have you noticed the extra spin-worthy adjectives that have crept into the news reports of late?  These are the judgmental words that take a position on a story like: “terrible,” “evil,” “ruthless” and how resistance fighters become terrorists.

That loaded or leading descriptive word formerly was verboten in the news because it moved information to editorial, but now is a regular part of most reports.  This has moved News from being objective to being editorial and almost to be promotional.

In the US there is a poorly disguised slant to everything; depending on which TV news source you are watching stories spin one way or anther with great exageration.  It is a sign of a country at odds with itself creating hate propaganda about its domestic opposition.

Even with footage to support the news item, the talking heads seem to need the extra word or two to let us know of the “unbelievable” crash or the “atrocious” behaviour or the “exceptional” whatever.  The extra adjectives reinforce the footage we are about to see, trying to make it more dramatic, more meaningful, more needing of your attention.  They also often use the word “exclusive” to add value to their newscast.  All of this is designed for ratings.

But why have these extra words crept into the news reports?  My guess is that it started with the political spin relating to countries with whom we were not friendly.  Shocking!  Unbelievable!  Now when we hear of a meeting with North Korea, for example, it is usually loaded with negative comments about that country and how horrible things are there.  Little is said about the US military sitting in South Korea.

The News has also become more and more commercial: with movies, TV shows and even products being promoted.

How has entertainment become news and news become entertainment?

Currently people seem to be getting most of their news via the late night entertainment talk shows.  They are all about the news with a light touch of entertainment.  Hmmm, that sounds like the regular news casts, but with punch lines.

Understand that news, entertainment and sports are all the same thing -  all a ploy to get viewership and ratings, and from that advertising revenue.  Next you are going to tell me that wrestling is not a sport…

The long term impact is the deterioration of the credibility the TV media.  With someone like Trump trying to divide and conquer, journalists can’t let this happen or they will be replaced by automated talking heads.

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