Advertising used to have an underlying psychological cut that motivated and built loyalty.  It seems to focus on short term sales more and more.

Perhaps there is more of a need for immediate sales, but I think the problem is more serious than that.  I think advertisers have gotten lazy.

The industry used to spend months developing a new TV commercial.  There was a lot of money involved in the production and each media exposure was costly as well.  Once a commercial was competed, the funds were spent.  Rarely would we go back and reedit or reshoot a commercial.

Response to TV commercials came relatively quickly, but not immediately.

Not so today.  It is quick, easy and inexpensive to make or change a digital ad.

Results can be measured as soon as you launch a digital ad.  That makes time in ad development less important.  Instead of thinking through the message, it can be corrected and changed in a short time frame.  Or you can launch several messages at once and see which one gets the most response in real time.

Old timey advertising sought to provoke, involve and gain recall of the advertising message.  Online ads, for the most part, only seek to provoke.  Why?

Well, check our site for details.

All the information is a click away.  Instead of sifting through and finding the relevant, persuasive information, just read the whole thing — which you won’t.

We still try to incorporate, in as few words as possible, the key selling idea for our clients.  But I think much of that is carryover discipline from our days of doing TV, radio and print.

For the most part, the advertising approval process at clients has slid down the firepole from the C suites to more executive level decision makers.  Many are capable, but most look more to the short term of getting it done in the midst of the many other responsibilities that also slid down the pole to them.

Our advice: put int he time to make sure you have the right creative strategy in place – that you are highlighting the most provocative and meaningful benefit you have before you launch your digital campaign.  You will not just get click-throughs, you might also gain brand preference and loyalty.

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