When the Dodgers Won the Day

December 10, 2018

Back in the days before social media, getting an overnight announcement out had its challenges, especially if you wanted to limit who got it.  Easy to do now with an email blast or a social media group.

Steelcase, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of office furniture, needed to rejuvenate its Canadian operation and was holding a national sales meeting to introduce its new President.  He wanted to create some positive momentum from his appointment and win over his new team.  The national sales meeting coincided with their 40th Anniversary of business in Canada.

Calexis was hired to came up with a solution.  We dodged the issue – and developed a four page newspaper dodger.

What’s a dodger?  It is an over-wrap on a newspaper that looks like the newspaper – same masthead, same design elements, same fonts.  But it is only for limited distribution.  It is placed over the regular newspaper and to the casual glance, it looks like it is the newspaper.  The paper we worked with was the Globe & Mail, Canada’s most business oriented newspaper.

The dodger we created for Steelcase had news stories on the cover, just like the regular Globe & Mail – except all the stories were about Steelcase.  The headline was “Steelcase Canada Celebrates Forty Years of Success.” It made the meeting appear to be front page news!

Inside the four page dodger contained: a list of all Steelcase employees on page 2;  a list of all Steelcase’s dealers on page three; and, Steelcase’s Mission Statement on the back page.

The newspaper inside the dodger was the regular day’s edition of the Globe & Mail.  There a full page ad for Steelcase included in that run of press national edition.

Calexis was able to get 100 copies or so at about 5 AM from the Globe and Mail printing office.  Then, like regular paper boys, we had to hustle our papers up to our route, which was a hotel in the northern suburbs of Toronto where the meeting was to be held and where most of the attendees were staying.  We were able to get a list of the rooms Steelcase employees were staying in.  Copies of the paper, with the dodger over-wrap, were slipped under the door of each room.  That provided each key employee with a morning, national paper that was all about the coming meeting!

We could hardly believe how excited everyone was when they arrived downstairs for their meeting.  They really knew it was a new day for a rejuvenated company.

It goes to show you, that creative solutions we available, even back in the day.  Tough luck, LA; our dodgers were a winner.

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