Milavsky’s Law

February 4, 2020

We read a lot about how technology is changing our lives; how technological innovations are happening faster and faster; how digitizing and interconnecting has changed many aspects of our lives.

What about humanity, has it changed at all?  Physiology is a slowly changing thing; evolution takes amny generations.  Psychology is also very slow to change.

More than twenty years ago, I articulated my law of the digital age:  Patience is inversely proportioned to the speed of the technology.

It describes the interrelation between technology and psychology.  Psychology always lags.

The first internet crash came back in the late 90’s when people were not ready to do transactions online but online stores spawned faster than salmon.  Most of the online stores went away leaving Amazon to last through and start the real revolution.

When we designed websites in the 90’s, we designed them with minimal graphics because people would not wait for the graphics to download to get their information.

Processing speed was the same story.  As fast as PCs booted up, the more impatient people became waiting for them.

The opposite is now happening.  Software has become needy and requires processing time to download large update files.  Often the software then has to reboot the computer to put the updates into effect.

No matter how fast the internet connection or the computational speed humans have adapted to demand even more instantaneous responses from technology.

The simple fact is that the computer is there to serve the person in the chair.  And they are an impatient lot.  It’s my law.

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